Grammy Awards 2010: Jennifer Hudson

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

Jennifer Hudson is a beauty chameleon, always switching things up on us—and I love her for it. Tell me, does she ever look bad? No. (Of course, she's got such a pretty face that she can pull off just about anything.)

Loved this Grammys hair and makeup. It's all about the glossy fuchsia lips taking centre stage—I liked that she kept everything else low-key, going for subtle cat eyes and a hint of silvery shadow on the lids. Normally I don't recommend blunt-cut bangs for anyone with a rounder face shape (they tend to exaggerate the widest part of your face, so are best for long and narrow types), but I'm making an exception here. I think she looks cute as a button!