Neutrogena's Skin ID Customizes Your Acne Regimen

It's based on an algorithm.
Michelle Villett
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It's based on an algorithm.

I did a negative post on ProActiv the other week because I've heard so many horror stories—and I think, in general, it's just too harsh for many skin types. But this is also why I think Skin ID, a brand new range of acne products from Neutrogena, could be a big hit.

The reason? It's completely customized to your skin—in fact, you can't even get your hands on the stuff in stores. What you do is visit to complete a series of questions about your skin issues (as well as your lifestyle—that's important too) and after running them through some super-complicated algorithms (developed with the help of dermatologists), it spits out a personalized product recommendation. Then they send you the three products (out of a possible 25 regimens) along with a bonus salicylic acid spot treatment and a travel bag.

Not bad for $49.99. If you're not happy with the results, they have a money-back guarantee. Bonus: you also get access to real dermatologists who will answer any acne questions you have within 72 hours.

This is such a cool concept, I can see it working for other skin (or even hair) issues as well. I love high-tech beauty! Visit for more info.