Estée Lauder Hydrationist Helps Skin Retain Moisture Over Time

A new, harder-working face cream.
Michelle Villett
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A new, harder-working face cream.

In beauty circles, there's been a lot of talk lately about moisturizers that don't just provide short-term hydration—dozens of manufacturers are coming out with creams that help skin retain moisture OVER TIME.

Sounds good, right? (Especially for us Canucks who are in dry skin hell right now.)

One of the newest examples of these extended-moisture products is Estée Lauder's Hydrationist Creme for Dry Skin ($48), which I  can't help but point out comes in a gorgeous blue and gold jar. (It's also available in lotion, SPF 15 and normal/combination skin formats.) Besides the instant moisture boost, which lasts 24 hours, it strengthens the skin barrier—meaning you could ultimately end up needing LESS moisturizer over time. Neat, huh?

The other thing to remember is that dehydrated skin is more prone to signs of premature aging. (This is why pretty much every beauty company's "studies" show decreases in wrinkles, etc., when testers use their products versus nothing at all.) Still—it's worth remembering that dry skin accentuates wrinkles... so swap out your usual moisturizer for a richer one until, say, April.

Estée Lauder Hydrationist ($48) is available now at Estée Lauder counters across Canada.