Love It or hate It: Drew Barrymore’s hair extensions

Drew Barrymore's hair extensions

Well whaddya know—it’s a day for celebrity hair changes! Or maybe, I have a big deadline (or three) and I’m procrastinating having to start writing. So much easier to blog, non?

On that note, just came across this pic of Miss Drew Barrymore with some brand new hair extensions. I love the longer length on her (fits in so well with her hippie vibe) BUT they do look a bit mismatched, colour-wise.

What do YOU think of Drew’s new hair extensions?

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Friday, June 7/2013 at 5:36 pm

Love the extensions they are a dream come true how fun she could be so many different colors lengths curls layers I’ll always live her but this is some the finest quality I have seen on her ever extensions very uplifting for menstration time to throw out PMS way to go girl . She could be a super model in thoose extensions or a singer from betty


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