Meet Benefit's Makeup Trend Artists in Toronto

Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson Benefit

What a family: twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford founded Benefit in the late 1970s, and now, Jean’s daughters, Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson, work for the company as makeup trend artists and brand authorities. (In fact, according to this Vanity Fair article, they came up with the concepts for Benefit’s most recent fragrance launch, Crescent Row.) Aren’t they gorgeous?

This weekend—if you’ll be in Toronto, that is—you can meet Annie and Maggie at Sephora. They’ll be here to launch Stay Don’t Stray, their new eye primer (read my review here) and you can book a complimentary demo on how to use it.

Where: Sephora at the Toronto Eaton Centre

When: Friday, February 19th from 1pm – 7pm and Saturday, February 20th from noon to 6pm

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