Oscars 2010: The Must-See Beauty Looks

The big red carpet beauty trends.
Michelle Villett
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The big red carpet beauty trends.

Did you watch the Oscars? I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought they were a bit boring this year—even, sadly, the fashion and beauty. (Where is Bjork when you need her?) Not that I'd volunteer to push the boundaries myself, mind you. I totally get it that celebs want to play it safe lest they end up on some worst-dressed list. Still, I can't help but wish that Oscars Night was a bit more like a fashion show, with a bunch of fun and interesting looks to gaze at. This year's one standout beauty trend was the bold pink mouth; most of the stars stuck with tried-and-true makeup and classic updos. The good news? You certainly couldn't go wrong playing copycat with any of these looks. Here's my round-up of the best red carpet beauty moments for you to peruse and ponder.

Oscars 2010 Beauty Trend #1: Clean & Natural


Seen On: Diane Kruger, Zoe Saldana, Carey Mulligan

The Look: There's something terrifically fresh about wearing an almost-bare face with an over-the-top dressy gown. (Kate Moss was actually the queen of this look.) These gals kept their makeup to a minimum, mostly emphasizing the eyes with a bit of neutral or pinky shadow, and in Carey's case, some false lashes. Lips and cheeks get a gentle kiss of colour, but the focus is really on great, great skin.

Tip: To avoid looking washed out, go a bit heavier than usual on the blush and mascara.

Oscars 2010 Beauty Trend #2: Tickled Pink

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Seen On

Maggie Gyllenhaa

Sandra Bullock

The Look: So effortless and fresh, no? My favourite is Maggie's version—a shock of bubblegum, almost Day-Glo pink that constrasted nicely with her blue dress. Sandra's shade was more of a deeper fuchsia, which is a nice change from red for you lipstick wearers. And Vera went the matchy-matchy route, pairing bright rose pink lips with a gown of the same hue. Note the matte texture too.

Tip: If you're not sure you can pull off a full-blown bright pink, try it in baby steps: use a pink lip stain, which will have a slightly muted effect.

Oscars 2010 Beauty Trend #3: Glam Updos

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The Look: Lots of updos this year, but these three were my favourites. Anna's is all about the controlled waves, which were casually (but not really... who are we kidding?) gathered into a slightly messy updo. Maybe a bit too many tendrils at the front, but overall a look I'm a fan of. (As you may know, I don't think everyone can pull of the severe, scraped-back style). Rachel and Amanda, on the other hand, went for classic buns, which have an almost '60s feel. Rachel's is placed higher on the head (a ballerina-like look), while Amanda's is lower and more classic.

Tip: Not everyone can pull off every updo. Consider the shape of your face (and the state of your skin!) before you scrape it all back. A loose, messy style is the most forgiving. And please: stay away from anything that looks like it belongs at the prom!

Oscars 2010 Beauty Trend #4: The Eyes Have It

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Penélope Cruz

The Look: There's a reason smoky eyes are a beauty classic: they flatter everyone! While I talk a good game about various beauty trends, let's face it—if I had to walk the red carpet, you can bet your Botox this is what I'd be wearing. My favourite version is on Natalie, not just because she always looks pretty and fresh, but also because she chose an unusual bluish-purple shade. Oh! And what do we see here: a smile on Kristen Stewart? Will wonders never cease.

Tip: One hazard of smoky eyes is that your eyeshadow can crease, big time. Make sure you use a primer all over the eye to help it stay put (Benefit makes a new, good one). It also can't hurt to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and go over any lines with powder eyeshadow to add staying power.

Oscars 2010 Beauty Trend #5: Retro Glamour

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Seen On

Cameron Diaz

Kate Winslet

The Look: A red carpet event isn't complete without a bit of old-fashioned screen siren action. This is pretty much Kate Winslet's go-to look and she does it well, although I prefer her a bit less "done" and wish she'd gone a bit bolder on the lips. Cameron does a more modern interpretation: the hair is a bit tousled and the makeup just a touch less retro. And finally, there's Charlize, whose understated makeup and hair serves to mainly show off those billion-dollar earrings.

Tip: When going for a retro look, don't go too literal. It will look fresher if you concentrate on just one element (either hair or makeup) and then keep the rest of your look low-key.

What did YOU think of the Oscars? Which were your favourite (and least favourite) red carpet beauty looks?