Paris F/W ’10: Hair and makeup trends

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Paris Fashion Week is always my favourite—isn’t it everyone’s? The best clothes, the best models… and definitely the best hair and makeup. This is the place where all the beauty trends from New York, London and Milan come together, and it’s always a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, Paris has its fair share of the edgy and downright bizarre (see my Fashion Week Beauty Don’ts from the spring 2010 shows). But there are also supremely wearable classics, like voluminous hair and gorgeous, gleaming bare skin. And finally, there are what I like to call Beauty Trends That Make You Go Hmmm: red lips with a glittery twist (at Givenchy), DayGlo makeup (at Yves Saint Laurent and Miu Miu), and dark—but painterly—eye makeup (at Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier). Here’s a closer look:

Trend #1: Red Lips, 3 Ways

paris fashion week fall 2010 red lips Paris F/W 10: Hair and makeup trends

Red lips with a glossy texture—not matte—were spotted in New York, London AND Paris. But the best example has to be the ones at Givenchy (above). OF COURSE they were created by makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath, who used red lip liner, red lipstick, glitter and gloss. (Also notice: the models aren’t even wearing mascara, so as to make the contrast between lips and eyes that much greater.)

If this is all TOO MUCH, consider the orange-red lipstick from Karl Lagerfeld, or the dark, wine-coloured stains at Christian Dior.

Trend #2: Dark, Painterly Eyes

runway beauty paris fashion week fall 2010 eyes Paris F/W 10: Hair and makeup trends

The eye makeup at Chanel, above (and also Jean Paul Gaultier) was like a miniature work of art on the eyelids. At Chanel, global makeup director Peter Philips took inspiration from the handbags and shoes (!!!) to create a printed, textured, graphic look. From afar, the effect was a bit grungy—but of course, the application was very, very deliberate.

Still, the smoky eye won’t go away—at Lanvin the take was very Mod.

Trend #3: Pale, Bare Skin

runway beauty paris fashion week fall 2010 bare skin Paris F/W 10: Hair and makeup trends

As neurotic as it may sound, there’s always a trend in skin texture, be it dewy or matte or luminous, etc. The trend this year is just normal, clean, bare skin—no fancy stuff. The best example was at Stella McCartney (above), but also check out Balenciaga and Dries Van Noten.

Trend #4: Electric Brights

paris fashion week fall 2010 bright makeup Paris F/W 10: Hair and makeup trends

Will you allow me to gush about the makeup at Miu Miu again? (I screwed up last week and had this down as a Milan show, but it actually was in Paris.) Anyway, it’s makeup I’d never in a million years think would look good (slashes of purple and orange? Say what?) and yet it DOES. Also take note of Yves Saint Laurent’s fun fuchsia lips, which were also echoed on the lids. All these bright colours—it’s definitely not what you’d expect to see for fall, but it’s refreshing, no?

Trend #5: Voluminous Hair

paris fashion week fall 2010 volume hair Paris F/W 10: Hair and makeup trends

Put away your straightening irons, ladies. (Unless you’re going to use them to create curls and waves.) Voluminous hair is where it’s at for fall, whether it’s loose, eye-grazing waves (at Chloé, above), a full, bouncy ponytail (at Louis Vuitton) or a full-on teased ‘do (at Nina Ricci). Hair piled high on the head (as we saw in Milan) is also HUGE: notice the big buns at Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

What do you think of the Paris Fashion Week beauty trends? Will you be teasing your hair, trying a glittery red lip, or—eek!—slicking on some orange and purple eyeliner?


Wednesday, March 24/2010 at 11:17 am

Great post! Love seeing all the trends from Paris FW. Although I would never do brights like Miu Miu, I do like the unexpected trend. I’m always a fan of the red lips but I could never forgo my mascara eek! lol I love the shocking glittery red lips – it’ll be interesting to see the beauty brands interpretations for Fall. I can see the glittery red lip making a comeback for an evening out!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Friday, March 26/2010 at 7:33 am

I agree (about the red lips)! They remind me of the sparkly red nail polish in the OPI collection.


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