Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

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Who doesn’t love a “guess the celebrity” game? It’s one of my favourite pages in Us Weekly—the, um, only magazine I actually still subscribe to. (Did I just admit that?) Pre-blog era, I used to read dozens of mags each month, but now—in an admittedly career-limiting move, given I still WORK in magazines—I’ve got less time to read them. And really, the gossip rags are pretty great as far as trend-watching goes. My longtime hair guy (the one I always return to after playing guinea pig at various beauty launches) has been saying for AT LEAST 10 years—way before such publications began to multiply—that seeing how celebs make trends work in real life is far more instructive than looking at airbrushed photos of models. (I also used to read the now-defunct socialite-watching site, Park Avenue Peerage, for the same reason.)

Anyway, in a decidedly Us-inspired post, I thought it would be fun (and who are we kidding, anti-depressive) to take a look at some bad celebrity photos today. See if you can guess who’s who above, and then find out if you were right below.

ashlee and jessica simpson Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

1. Ashlee and Jessica Simpson

How awesome are these Laura Ashley dresses and the teased, too-short bangs?

elisabeth hasselbeck Just for fun: Guess the celebrity2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Um, Sally Jessy Raphael called and wants her glasses back. (I still think they’re kind of cute though.)

renee zellweger Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

3. Renée Zellweger

She could stand in for Kelly Bundy, no?

taylor swift Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

4. Taylor Swift

This was a hard one! Taylor has such a signature look now that I didn’t recognize her with the Bo Derek hair.

julianne moore Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

5. Julianne Moore

Ok—is this woman capable of EVER looking bad?

katie holmes Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

6. Katie Holmes

Oh, Katie. You look so happy and innocent pre-Tom and Baby Sci.

katherine heigl Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

7. Katherine Heigl

Doesn’t she remind you of Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls here? She seems to have survived the ’80s unscathed, style-wise. Good photo.

michelle pfeiffer Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

8. Michelle Pfeiffer

So ’80s-tastic I can’t even take it. But the hair—without the strange decoration—is rather Fendi fall ’10, isn’t it?

beyonce Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

9. Beyoncé


kate hudson Just for fun: Guess the celebrity

10. Kate Hudson

I see the resemblance to Kate here,  but seriously—if you just saw this childhood photo, would you ever in a million years dream that she’d grow up to be so gorgeous?

How’d you do on your guesses? Which celebrity flashback is your favourite? I’m going to have to go with Michelle Pfeiffer for $200, Alex…

Photos: Hollywood.com

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