Out Now: Chloé Eau de Fleurs Collection

Chloé Eau de Fleurs Collection fragrance

Are Chloé ads the best or what? I have a “haircuts” folder on my computer that I use to file away my inspirations, and the Chloé models—with their bouncy, perfect hair—tend to make frequent appearances. They are all too cool for school… but I can pretend, right?

Equally cool is the new fragrance collection that the brand is debuting this spring. (Isn’t the ad so simple and perfect?)

Called Eau de Fleurs, it’s a trio of single-note feminine florals, each one developed by a different female perfumer and based on a different raw material.

There’s Lavande (a sweet lavender), Capucine (based on a grassy-smelling flower called nasturium) and Néroli (a very soapy orange blossom).

The concept is very Marc Jacobs Splash—these are light, not complex scents that would be perfect for the summer months.

I’m really digging these. (If I can’t get my hair to look like a Chloé girl, at least I can smell like one.)

$135 each; available now at Holt Renfrew and select Bay and Murale stores across Canada.


Slow Lorus
Tuesday, June 15/2010 at 12:36 am

Um, do you mean nasturtium (re: capucine)? Nasturtiums are a pretty common flower that most people know but I’ve never heard of nasturiums.


shameen mawji
Friday, October 7/2011 at 9:28 pm

Please tell me which Holts the Eau De Fleur Lavande is available at. I am desperately looking for it.


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