Lancôme is Launching a Natural Version of Juicy Tubes

Here's your sneak peek.
Michelle Villett
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Here's your sneak peek.

Are you a Juicy Tubes fan?

If so, then you'll want to mark your calendar for May 21st.

That's the day when Lancôme—to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its legendary Juicy Tubes lip gloss—is introducing Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin, a limited edition collector's edition of five shades.

If the adorable packaging doesn't get you (it was designed by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama), you'll probably like the fact that they're made entirely of natural-origin ingredients. (No, it's not organic or anything like that, but the pigments were derived from natural colouring agents... which sounds a heck of a lot better than chemical names like "D&C Red No. 21" doesn't it?)

And if you're concerned that they've gone and changed the formula, rest assured: I tried my preview sample and it felt (and smelled) EXACTLY like the original.

$22 each; available May 21st in limited quantities at all Lancôme counters in department stores across Canada.