Diane Kruger was at the Genie Awards (and so was I!)

Diane Kruger at the Genie Awards, Joshua Jackson

Last night I was lucky enough to score an invite to the Genie Awards, a.k.a Canada’s version of the Oscars. (My partner in crime was my good pal and fellow ex-magazine editor Marilisa of The Chic Storm—make sure to check out her blog, it’s a  must-read!)

john frieda frizz ease moisture barrier hair spray 110x300 Diane Kruger was at the Genie Awards (and so was I!)Our invite was courtesy of John Frieda, whose talented stylists were responsible for many of the gorgeous hairstyles.

More to come on those soon, including how-tos—but first can we talk about Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson? Diane was there last night to support her man, who ended up winning the Genie for Best Actor.

I can see why she digs him—not only is he handsome but he’s also totally modest: when he stepped up to accept the award he said “I can’t believe I won something!” THEN, to the delight of the audience, in his acceptance speech he told Diane he loved her. Awwww…

Sadly I didn’t have the chance to get all up in their face to gawk or ask about beauty tips—I don’t think Diane was down with the after-party at The Guvernment—but I DID score a how-to from John Frieda’s creative consultant Alain Larivée.

Here’s a better look at the hair (sorry for the blurry back shot):

diane kruger genie awards Diane Kruger was at the Genie Awards (and so was I!)

And here’s how to get it:

john frieda frizz ease straight fixation 110x300 Diane Kruger was at the Genie Awards (and so was I!)“This is a very easy, DIY look that is on-trend for this summer and is easily acheived at home,” says Alain.

  1. Apply Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation to wet hair.
  2. Blow dry using your fingers [to rake through the hair] from root to tip to achieve a non-finished natural wave.
  3. Create a centre part, leaving a few front strands loose to acheive the ‘undone’ look.
  4. Pull the rest of your hair back to the nape of your neck. Take hair and wrap it into a circular tight bun and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Finish the style with Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hair Spray.

What do you think of Diane’s hair? Of her boyfriend? Do you love them or what?

Photos: Gossipcenter.com


Tuesday, April 13/2010 at 5:08 pm

That’s so cool you got to go to the Genie’s!! I wish it got more attention. I think it’s awesome that Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger attended and that he won! I heart them as a couple.

Did you take pics of your hair/makeup/outfit?? I want to see! ;)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Tuesday, April 13/2010 at 5:32 pm

You know what, it’s NOTHING like the Oscars – very ghetto set up with uncomfortable metal chairs in a warehouse-type setting… oh, Canada.

I only took a very crappy video later in the night so not sure it shows off my hair or makeup very well! I didn’t have too much time to get ready – basically tried to make my hair very messy and slightly curled (sprayed it with some Sally Hershberger spray wax and Tresemme mousse), and makeup was minimal except for a fab new Revlon fuschia lip that I’ll be posting about soon. I was very drugstore last night. :-)


Tuesday, April 13/2010 at 9:21 pm

I watched the broadcast online and the chairs made me laugh like crazy. But I am entirely jealous of you — especially to see Diane and Josh who are far and away my favourite couple. I love their look to pieces.


Friday, April 16/2010 at 3:50 pm

LOL well maybe one day we’ll get it right! I love a bright fuchsia lip with everything else minimal! I love the cheap chic look ;)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Friday, April 16/2010 at 5:50 pm

Me too! (And I think I could probably survive if this job went away and I had to survive just on drugstore stuff… there are lots of great products out there!)


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