Editor's Pick: L'Oréal Paris Colorist Secrets

Smart, salon-inspired home hair treatments.
Michelle Villett
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Smart, salon-inspired home hair treatments.

Are beauty brands getting smarter or what? L'Oréal Paris has just launched a new line of salon-inspired hair treatments that even die-hard salon goers like moi will want to try. Seriously.

The collection is called Colorist Secrets, and it includes three GENIUS products:

  • Haircolour Remover ($13.99) removes permanent colour, whether you did it yourself or got it done at the salon, in one step that takes just 20 minutes. Total lifesaver, right? I know more than a few people (including myself) who've shampooed with harsh, drying dish soap multiple times for days on end, in order to fade a colour. This is MUCH more gentle, and after you use it, you can re-dye immediately.
  • Brass Banisher ($11.99), as you might guess, eliminates brassiness. It's ammonia-free, only takes five minutes and tones down gold, red and orange tones in natural, highlighted and colour-treated hair. I love that you can can even use it right after colouring or highlighting to balance your new colour. I'll start using this instead of forking over $20 for it at my hairdresser's.
  • Shine Gloss ($11.99) is a shine-boosting treatment for that takes only 10 minutes and lasts up to six weeks. You can use it on natural, highlighted and colour-treated hair—it's especially good for a mini-boost in between colourings. Oh, and if the concept sounds familiar, you're right—it's just like Clairol's Shine Happy, which launched a few years back.

Anyway, what do YOU think of these hair prodz? Smart, right?