Snooki and her pouf enter Pantene’s Reality Hair Star Contest

Snooki pouf hair

Are you a Jersey Shore fan? I’ve just started watching season one and my God! What I would give to be able to do make-unders on these people. (First step, quit the tanning…)

Still, we wouldn’t watch the show if there wasn’t something fascinating about their “style.” And Pantene seems to think so too.

They’ve just tapped Snooki to appear as an entrant in their Reality Hair Star Contest. Here’s the vid—watch for the pouf to rear its ugly head:

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vanessa escamilla
Monday, April 4/2011 at 12:07 am

Friends,family,teachers,random people say I look a lot like “snooki” from jersey shore. And I have been getting crazy comments because I was her for halloween and said I do look like her..I just wat to know from the media…


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