Harper's Bazaar Made Over the Girls of 'Jersey Shore'

Actually impressive.
Michelle Villett
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Actually impressive.

Okay, so did I mention I've been sucked into watching Jersey Shore?

At first, it was all rather horrifying—the tanning, the nails, the lingerie-as-outerwear—but like a trainwreck, I couldn't turn away.

Now, it's doing something crazy to my brain. I'm at Season One, Episode Eight, and I'm starting to think that Ronnie is kind of cute... and that maybe JWoww's chunky highlights kind of work for her. What is happening to me?

Anyway, I was intrigued to hear about Harper's Bazaar's May issue, in which they give the Jersey Shore females a "charm school" makeover (with a little help from Tinsley Mortimer and Lizzie Post).

You can see the slideshow here. Do they look uncomfortable or what?

P.S. My favourite line from the Stylelist.com write-up:

"Snooki... rolled up to the shoot in a trucker hat, while JWoww attacked from all fronts in a hooded pink sweat suit, Ugg-style boots, a studded Christian Audigier bag, purple-streaked hair and a hot-pink, bedazzled French manicure."

God I love this show.