Finally, a Unisex Bath and Body Line: Harnn & Thann

Subtle scents.
Michelle Villett
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Subtle scents.

You know how some bath and body products practically hit you over the head with their scent? (I'm talking to you, Yves Rocher.)

Well, the first thing that struck me about the Thann bath and body products I sampled recently was that they don’t have the usual sickly-sweet, overly feminine-floral fragrance that we’re used to in body care products.

This stuff is truly unisex—and in a good way.

The second thing I noticed was that their fragrance is SUPER subtle—and yet they linger on your skin all day long.

Thann is one part of Harnn & Thann, a Thai retailer of skin, body and hair products with an emphasis on high-quality natural ingredients. The company produces two complimentary lines (Harnn and Thann—kind of like the yin and the yang), and while both are equally popular in Asia, they focus on Thann in the Canadian market.

I tried the Aromatic Wood collection, which is based on nutmeg, tangerine and orange oils and had me smelling my arm all day long. Other collections include Mediterranean Floral, Oriental Essence, Sea Foam, Shiso and Rice, and individual products include scrubs, shower gels, body milks, massage oils, shampoos and conditioners.

These would make a great gift, either for the guy in your life or for anyone that likes non-dessert-like, botanical-based scents.

Order online from, or see here for retail locations.