Behind the Scenes with Comedian Shaun Majumder for Scope and Crest

Too funny.
Michelle Villett
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Too funny.

Would you buy mouthwash from this guy?

I would. If you don't know him—this is Shaun Majumder, best known to Canadians for his role on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Here's a clip from a recent appearance on Steven and Chris:

Anyway, P&G tapped Shaun for a launch event the other week where he provided some serious LOLs. (And believe me, I never use that "word.")

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Shaun did a skit that not only wove in the bad breath-fighting benefits of two new products from Crest and Scope, but also had us discussing breast implants (he's against them) and Newfie jokes.

So—not your usual press event.

A bit about the new products: Scope Outlast Mouthwash is crazy powerful. They are NOT kidding when they say it lasts up to five times longer than regular mouthwashes.

Combine it with the Crest Extra White Plus Scope Outlast Toothpaste and you've basically turbo-charged your fight against bad breath.


Both products are available now. And P&G, you might want to consider signing this guy on as a spokesperson. Here's a pic of myself (and Marilisa of The Chic Storm, although I had to hide her face as she's uncomfortable with the resemblance to George Costanza in this shot). We were total fan girls!

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