Sally Hershberger Visits Canada to Launch New Products; Oozes Coolness

All about her Toronto visit.
Michelle Villett
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All about her Toronto visit.

Some people dream of what it would be like if they could meet (or date) a celebrity.

I dream of what my hair would look like if I could have just one cut—JUST ONE!—with Sally Hershberger. (I know such perks are probably a given for New York editors, but it's a different ballgame up here. Sadly.)

You know Sally, right? She's the hairstylist who created Meg Ryan's famous shagg cut back in the day. And she was the first hairstylist to charge jaw-dropping prices (currently US$800 for a cut, apparently).

But us little people can get a bit of the Sally in our everyday 'dos, thanks to her eponymous line of products, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

The line launched last year and I missed the event, so I was super excited to attend this years' launch of five new products—and of course, I wanted to see Sally in action.

The verdict? This woman is COOL. Her hair looks cool, her all-black outfit was cool, just the way she SPOKE was cool. (I'm just not sure I'd want to be one of her assistants. And are you following the drama about her employees' departure to open a new salon? Yowza.)

Here's another pic:


One of the highlights: when she casually referred to doing "Tom and Nicole's" hair, back when they were a couple—AT THEIR HOUSE. Honestly, the secrets these hair people must be privy to? I'd pay a lot of money for that scoop.

Anyway—back to the products, which are all very reasonably priced and help you achieve Sally's signature shaggy, layered look. (There was one poor girl at the event without any layers at all and Sally was NOT down with that.)

Busted Image

Launching this month are Go With the Blow (a heat styler), Genius Spray Wax (which I used to create a messy, voluminous style at the Genies), Shagg Liquid Gel (a lightweight gel), Soft Rock Hairspray (a brushable, flake-free spray) and the Shagg Style Primer for Layered Hair, which is basically a spray that gives your hair "guts" before you do anything else to it. Each product is $11.99 and available this month at Shoppers.

I'll leave you with a few more pics of the event so you can see Sally in action!