Christina Hendricks is On the Cover of Esquire's "Women" Issue

So gorge.
Michelle Villett
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So gorge.

Esquire's May issue is their "Women" issue—and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks (on the cover, above) has taken top honours as the best-looking woman of all.

Don't you agree?

Here she is inside:





Can you even stand these photos? So. Foxy. Not only does Christina play my favourite character on my favourite show, but she's single-handedly redefining what it is to be beautiful these days (i.e. voluptuous and pale instead of tanned, blonde and stick-thin).

Take note of a few key beauty points that we can learn from Ms. Hendricks here:

  1. Clearly, she avoids the sun like the plague. Although we've spent decades focused solely on wrinkles, SKIN TONE is the new kid on the block. You just can't get this kind of luminosity if you're into sunbathing. So wear your SPF (a natural one, please) and check out products that target hyperpigmentation. (My current favourite: Lumixyl.)
  2. The HAIR. It's a vibrant, flaming red, for sure—but it's also tasteful and believable. (She's naturally a dark blonde.) Don't try to DIY to get this look, and even choose your colourist with caution. Red fades fast too, so stock up on hair products that are designed to keep your colour (look for colour-protective ones instead of hydrating ones—as I noted here, too much hydration can disperse the dye molecules).
  3. The bronzey eyeshadow. If you want to make your eye colour pop, wear an eyeshadow in the opposite colour. (Remember the colour wheel?) This bronze shade perfectly compliments her blue eyes and also picks up the tones of her hair.
  4. The curls. I'm not skilled (or patient) enough to do this myself, but I'm guessing they were done with an actual curling iron instead of the flat irons that are de rigueur these days. How do I know? Notice that the curls are a bit tighter and start high up on the head, unlike flat iron curls, which are more loose and dropped-out. Also very important: the ends aren't curled under (this is the key to modern-looking curls).

Do you love Christina Hendricks as much as I do? Honestly, even though I just went back to blonde highlights (and Charles Baker Strahan told me I couldn't do red), I REALLY want her hair colour. And skin. And figure, obviously!