Taylor Swift is the New Face of CoverGirl, Penélope Cruz is Repping Lancôme Trésor

The latest celeb beauty campaigns.
Michelle Villett
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The latest celeb beauty campaigns.

Could there BE a better fit for CoverGirl than Taylor Swift? I don't think so—she's perfect!

It's just been announced that the 20-year-old will be repping a new line of luxury products from CoverGirl set to debut in January 2011.

That's right—I said LUXURY. Verrrrry interesting. Here's a sneak peek from the set where they shot the print ads:

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And in other news, Penélope Cruz is the new "ambassadress" for Lancôme Trésor, the classic fragrance that was first launched in 1990 and has been repped by Kate Winslet, Inés Sastre and Isabella Rossellini in the past.

Mario Testino is the photographer for the ad campaign, which we'll see later this year. Here's a sneak peek of that one:

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And pssst! I ALSO hear that Lancôme has some big mascara news coming up—and you should know that they make EXCELLENT mascaras. I'll keep you posted!