Met Ball 2010: Nicole Richie

Her red carpet beauty look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet beauty look.

I did a post a few months back on Nicole Richie's various hair transformations. At the time, she'd gone from "bronde" (a dirty brownish-blonde that was neither here nor there) to a medium, chocolatey brown.

Now she's gone even darker—and while I was always in the brunette camp, I'm not so sure about this colour. It's pretty severe!

I think I prefer Nicole's skin tone with a lighter, more sunstreaked style.

But I won't lie—if we're talking about the style here, it's GORGE. This is how boho hair dresses up.

And don't you think the bangs look very fresh with the rest of it wavy? You don't see that very often—usually it's waves, no bangs, or at least just sideswept bangs—but me likey.

And I'm very glad she let it be all about the hair, with a basic smokey eye and simple nude lip.