Kate Hudson is the New Face of Almay

Is she a good fit?
Michelle Villett
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Is she a good fit?

Wow, it seems like there's been a lot of celebrity beauty endorsement action going on lately!

The latest star to lend her mug to a beauty brand is Miss Kate Hudson, who last appeared in ads for David Babaii for WildAid (one of my favourite eco hair lines).

She's now the global brand ambassador for Almay, and not only will appear in their advertising campaigns, she'll also be involved in philanthropic events such as tonight's Almay Rainforest Concert in NYC (benefits go to The Rainforest Foundation and Lady Gaga, Sting and Elton John are on the ticket!).

It's hard to believe Kate hasn't been snapped up by a major beauty brand already, no? I think Almay tapped her as they're trying to play up a "natural" positioning and Kate's a real green beauty girl. (Although Almay's definition of natural may not match yours—they're not about being organic, more just hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products.) 

Tell me what YOU think about this pairing?