Stila's Lip & Cheek Stain Will Be Your New Crush

In Raspberry Crush, of course.
Michelle Villett
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In Raspberry Crush, of course.

Like I've been saying, lately I'm not feeling lip gloss AT ALL. But sometimes full-blown lipstick is TOO MUCH, right?

So for those times—or when it's meltingly hot out and you need something that will stay put—it's all about the lip stain. It's also great stuff for makeup newbies who normally wouldn't dream of putting lipstick—all that pigment!—on their lips. Think of it as Starter Lipstick.

When this stain from Stila ($32,, Murale and Beautymark) showed up at my door, it immediately found a home in my handbag. It's that perfect pinky-red shade, and what's also great about it is that it's not drying, as some lip stains can be.

You can also use it on your cheeks, and although you'll have to work quickly to blend it, I highly recommend doing so, as you'll immediately look 200% healthier and younger. Really!