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Top blogger picks.
Michelle Villett
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Top blogger picks.

Welcome to a new monthly showcase post featuring editor's picks from members of the Style Collective (—including moi! First up is my stylish must-have, and then keep reading for more fab finds in fashion, footwear and makeup. Don't forget to check out their sites!

"As a beauty editor, I've been saying for years that lipstick is back—and this time I actually mean it! For those of us who came of age in the gloss generation, Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour ($38, at Chanel counters) is the perfect segue: the texture is more like a balm and the colours are rich but very sheer. Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock and our very own Rachel McAdams all wore it at the Oscars, and they are very stylish indeed. Finally, let's be honest: it looks totally sick when you pull something Chanel out of your handbag, no?"


"Bright colour and organic texture combine to make a powerful impact in Dandi Maestre's Tauga rings ($90, Maestre's dramatic jewellery is crafted out of natural materials such as shed antlers, raw amber, seeds and shells."—Alison Lawler-Dean, Gifted


"I was going to attempt to pick just one of these

French Connection spring/summer dresses



), but honestly, I bought five this season and I haven't decided which I like the best.  They're adorable, aren't they?  I wear them to work, to an event and even out on a date. I get a lot of compliments on them. They are snug in all of the right places and the cinch at the waist gives a great hourglass shape. The rose dress recently appeared on


's most stylish character. Not that I watch that show…"—

Ali de Bold, ChickAdvisor



n.d.c. made by hand massika shoes



) aren't cheap, but they just ooze sophisticated laid-back charm. Their versatility helps to ease the sticker shock–I'll sport them with rolled skinny jeans, shorts, and I think that they'd even be cute paired with summer dresses. I picked mine up at TNT in Toronto but they're also available at Lileo (Toronto), SSense (Montreal) and Gravity Pope (Calgary, Edmonton)."—

Afiya Francisco, The Style House


"My summer pick is a classic, and a must-have for the shiny-faced girl: M.A.C Blot Pressed Powder ($27, (HAH! You thought I was going to say SPF, didn't you! But that's already in your must-have stash, right? Right??) I literally don't leave home without Blot Powder. My oily complexion often feels as though someone Saran-wrapped it when I wasn't looking. Blot Powder takes care of that, making skin feel comfortable, never sticky. Its genius light texture quickly absorbs excess oil and never, ever, EVER builds up to a cakey finish, even with repeated applications throughout the day. I use to temper the shine of mineral-powder foundation, too. Can't live without it. Bet you won't be able to either."—Janine Falcon, BeautyGeeks

"Like shoes, a girl should accessorize the apron she is wearing with her party decor or her menu. You cannot go wrong with a feminine, vintage-style apron. This is why I put on my list the Apple Pancakes Apron ($44, created by London designer Lisa Stickley for Anthropologie. If you are too shy for the cheerful lime, you might prefer the blue azure of her Spanish Omelet Apron ($44, Then, make sure the invitations for a brunch are in the mail."—Kim Vallée, At Home with Kim Vallée


"Because the weather will not make up its mind, our must-have remains the Lightweight Utility Jacket (Louche, $72; Talula, $125; Dress & Co., $680). It's light enough to throw over anything and adds just enough protection from the wonky elements! Available at virtually any price point—from H&M to Chloé—this jacket can move from day to night and give any outfit an edgy, cool vibe."—Catriona Smart and Eva Rosalia, Coco&Lowe