Diet Coke Nail Polish, Covering Dark Circles and More Love for Mary Kay's Cheek Glaze

This week's best beauty reading.
Michelle Villett
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This week's best beauty reading.

In what has got to be one of the beauty industry's weirdest collaborations (or "collabs," as Marilisa says), Diet Coke is now making nail polish. [The Chic Storm]

"Most people apply under-eye concealer all sorts of wrong." Get with the program with this helpful tip. [Beauty to the People]

Yet another editor succumbs to the lure of the Mary Kay Cheek Glaze. My sample's in the mail, but until then read Karen's review. [Health & Swellness]

I'm totally coveting all of these green beauty finds, especially the sunless tanning spray, eye elixir and hand sanitizer. [Vanity Fair Beauty Blog]

Eminé raves so much about this lipstick ("the colour of my dreams") that I'm determined to track it down next time I'm in the vicinity of a Topshop. [We Make Up As We Go Along]