Around the beauty blogosphere: Diet Coke nail polish, covering dark circles and more love for Mary Kay’s Cheek Glaze

Diet Coke Nail Polish

In what has got to be one of the beauty industry’s weirdest collaborations (or “collabs,” as Marilisa says), Diet Coke is now making nail polish. [The Chic Storm]

“Most people apply under-eye concealer all sorts of wrong.” Get with the program with this helpful tip. [Beauty to the People]

Yet another editor succumbs to the lure of the Mary Kay Cheek Glaze. My sample’s in the mail, but until then read Karen’s review. [Health & Swellness]

I’m totally coveting all of these green beauty finds, especially the sunless tanning spray, eye elixir and hand sanitizer. [Vanity Fair Beauty Blog]

Eminé raves so much about this lipstick (“the colour of my dreams”) that I’m determined to track it down next time I’m in the vicinity of a Topshop. [We Make Up As We Go Along]

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