3 Easy Hairstyles Created With Goody Hair Accessories

Stylist Kristjan Hayden shows us how.
Michelle Villett
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Stylist Kristjan Hayden shows us how.

If you're anything like me, the hair accessories you use amount to this: standard ponytail elastics and the occasional bobby pin to hold your bangs off your face.

Well, not anymore, hopefully. When Goody tapped hair stylist Kristjan Hayden to demonstrate their latest hair tools and accessories the other week, I got SCHOOLED. Big time. Read on for pics, how-tos and my fave new items from Goody's latest collection.

Look #1: Smooth but Voluminous Waves


BRUSHES are the key to this look. Blow dry moussed hair with Goody's Dual Bristle Oval Brush, which has boar bristles to smooth the cuticle down and tourmaline-infused bristles to minimize static.

Use a flat iron to curl hair away from the face in big sections, leaving the ends out and straight for the most modern look. Oh, and you know that turning action you use when you curl with a flat iron? Just give it one rotation, says Kristjan... that's all you need to get these soft waves. Leave the multiple turns for the pros.

To get volume at the crown, spray with hair spray and then use Goody's Volumizing Comb to backcomb. (Do it underneath the uppermost layer of the hair, though—you want the top to be smooth.) Hold each piece of hair straight up and comb down in three controlled strokes—you don't want to go crazy. To finish, smooth the top with your oval brush.

Look #2: Half-Up Hair


Using a mass of bobby pins as decoration is an easy way to dress up your hair without looking too "done." (And I first told you about it when I was gushing over Charles Baker Strahan—remember?) I like the look best when the pins are a fun colour, like these silvery grey ones. Insert them with the bumpy side against the head, and criss-cross the pins to make them stay in place.

Look #3: Sleek, Stay-Put Ponytail


The dressy ponytail is one of the most elusive styles to create—it can be next to impossible to get an elastic that holds your hair tight enough. Goody makes the clever Wrap-to-Fit Ponytail Holders, which are basically longish cords made out of covered elastic and with hooks on each end. What you do is wrap them around your ponytail, pulling the string to make it as tight as you want to go, and then you hook the clasp to secure it.

If you want to conceal the elastic, you can also do that old standby trick of wrapping a section of hair around it and securing it with bobby pins. Except you MUST try Goody's Mini Bobby Pins, which are half the size of regular ones and exceptionally good for this particular job.

Other fun stuff in Goody's latest collections:

  • The Luxe Hillary Headband, which is black satin with a simple side bow. Very Blair Waldorf, but also a bit Marc by Marc Jacobs spring '10.
  • The Spin Pin, a spiral-shaped pin that thicker-hair types can use to twist hair up into a simple bun.
  • The Volume Boost, a comb you can put underneath the top section of your hair to get a bit of height at the crown.
  • The Pony Pouf, a clip with notches you can pull hair through to give the appearance of a fuller ponytail.