Babe in the biz: Publicist, stylist and blogger Alison Lawler-Dean from Gifted

Alison Lawler-Dean, publicist, stylist, blogger, Gifted

If I could have anyone’s hair in this world, it would be Alison Lawler-Dean‘s.

There. I said it. And don’t you agree?

Sadly, there’s no hair dye that will replicate that kind of gorgeous, natural colour—but I still thought I’d pick Allie’s brain on her favourite beauty tips and products.

We first met years ago when we both worked for St. Joseph Media—me at The Look magazine (RIP) and Allie at Fashion—and since then, we’ve both moved over to the blogging world.

Currently, Allie dishes up daily gift ideas at Gifted (, and besides running her blog, is also a publicist and stylist—as well as a very fashionable girl-about-town.

Read on for her insider beauty picks!

Alison Lawler Dean 3 Babe in the biz: Publicist, stylist and blogger Alison Lawler Dean from GiftedBeauty Insider Credentials I used to work as a fashion and beauty editor for a magazine and though I no longer do, I still love to test and try new products. There’s nothing like opening up a beautiful beauty package!

Beauty Icon I’m a big fan of classic, clean and simple beauty, like Jackie O.

Top Five Beauty Products Dior DiorShow Mascara—for lashes that pop, I can’t leave the house without mascara. Benefit Benetint: for that perfect pout and blush. Joe Fresh Sheer Lip Crayon, for just a hint of colour. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, for clean, clear skin. Pure + Simple Just Pure Honey Neroli Facial Cream Light: the best smelling cream for well-moisturized skin.

Beauty Splurge Splurge on the basics for your face such as mascara (you want one that really plumps and fills out lashes plus lasts all day) and a great foundation (either tinted moisturizer or full coverage).

Beauty Bargain Save on trendy colours to try new looks.

Chanel Allure 300x300 Babe in the biz: Publicist, stylist and blogger Alison Lawler Dean from GiftedFirst Fragrance It was probably The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Perfume Oil, and then (embarrassingly) Exclamation. But then I found Chanel Allure in my early teens and haven’t looked back.

Current Fragrance Chanel Allure—it is slightly musky yet clean. Nothing else suits me!

Bad Beauty Habit I certainly try/buy a lot of product and then never use it. I always go back to the classics.

Biggest Beauty Fail I once shaved my eyebrows. Thinking back, I’m lucky I didn’t lose them completely.

Beauty Pet Peeves Over-plucked eyebrows (I learned my lesson from above) and ridiculous orange tans.

benefit benetint Babe in the biz: Publicist, stylist and blogger Alison Lawler Dean from GiftedBest Beauty Tip A little lip stain makes you look naturally pretty. And always wear sunscreen. That tan won’t do you any favours in 20 years.

Beauty Career Advice You’ve got to love the industry, surround yourself with smart people who can show you the ropes and give it your all. Internships really get you off to the right start.

For more Allie, check out her blog here and follow her on Twitter. And stay tuned for next week’s Babe, ChickAdvisor founder and all-around superwoman, Ali de Bold!


Thursday, May 27/2010 at 11:46 am

@Beauty_Editor Thanks again for such a lovely profile! xo


Thursday, May 27/2010 at 1:24 pm

@AllieLD My pleasure! Thank YOU!


Richard Carmichael
Thursday, May 27/2010 at 11:31 am

Not only is Alison beautiful, bright and very talented, she is quite humble. It is worth mentioning that she is very engaged in some very innovative activities designed with a social purpose in mind.

She and her sister Kate were first inspired and motivated to fundraise for the Stephen Lewis Foundation after hearing about their grassroots approach to raising awareness and fighting for the cause of women and children living with Aids and HIV in Africa.

The sisters realized that every little bit we as individuals can do to help the people suffering in Africa can make an important difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Alison and Kate took on this challenge with energy and enthusiasm and in 2008 created Heartbeats for Africa to raise awareness and money for the women and children of Africa whose lives have been devastated by HIV/AIDS.

While Alison is a shining example of how young people today are harnessing their energy, talent and networks and focusing them towards innovative social purpose ventures, there are obviously many more. How about creating a feature article about the wonderfully engaged young women of today that are working behind the scenes to make for a better tomorrow?


Thursday, May 27/2010 at 1:06 pm

OMG hair envy! Great post I love reading about othes fave beauty items.


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