Gwen Stefani’s new choppy layered haircut: Love it or hate it?

Gwen Stefani new haircut choppy layers May 2010

There is a passage in Bergdorf Blondes about one of the characters (can’t remember which—maybe it was all of them?) having to go to the salon every ten days (!!) to touch-up her roots.

I imagine Gwen Stefani has a similar routine, although it’s likely with a colourist who makes house calls. Still, that is some MAJOR beauty commitment right there.

In fact, she’s so married to this hair colour that her hair experiments are only ever with cut, never colour. And this new choppy look I’m sort of divided on. I love the bangs, love the length, but am not at all sure about all those layers. I think I would have preferred to see a more blunt style.

Tell me: what do you think about Gwen’s new cut?

Photos: Daily Mail


Friday, May 28/2010 at 11:22 am

I’m not crazy about this cut. Her colour makes a statement on its own so adding a funky cut is just a little much – although Gwen always looks stunning!


Friday, May 28/2010 at 3:55 pm

Gwen always sets trends, this is a great design …the hair is light and airy, probably not the best shot because it doesn’t look like she has alot of product in her hair to add weight to the layers.
Overall I like it alot, great summer style.


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