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ChickAdvisor's top picks.
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ChickAdvisor's top picks.

This week's Babe in the Biz, Ali de Bold, is a fixture at the beauty events I attend every week (lately, every day—it's event season right now!). In fact, that's where we first met: Ali is the founder of ChickAdvisor (, a social media platform for women that features user-generated reviews on the best products and local services all across North America—including beauty products!

Just like the beauty editors, freelancers and bloggers that are part of our circle, Ali tries A LOT of stuff. Plus, thanks to her site's many members, she's privy to what people are saying about what works and what doesn't. So I'd say that definitely makes her a beauty expert! She's also incredibly inspiring—she built ChickAdvisor on her own, from the ground up—and therefore has some GREAT advice for anyone looking to follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps. Read on for her tips and recommendations!

Beauty Insider Credentials


Beauty Icon I have so many, but I love Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's a French actress that isn't really conventionally beautiful, but the way she carries herself makes her look gorgeous. I think she's very striking.

Top Five Beauty Products I'm fickle since I try so many products, but there are certain ones I go out of my way to buy again when they run out. Currently those are… Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara. It's everything you want in a mascara in terms of volume, length and durability at a drugstore price point. It's my new favourite mascara even though I have many loves in this category. [Editor's note: Me too! Check out my post on it here.]Pure + Simple Nourishing Vata Face Oil. Though I have fairly oily skin, I apply this oil on my face in lieu of moisturizer and it makes my skin look amazing. It's natural and a little bit goes a long way. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit. I have decent eyebrows to begin with, but I find they look ten times better with a bit of brow powder. This stuff lasts all day and fills them in while looking natural. Origins Totally Pure Deodorant. Okay, I know this isn't a 'beauty' product, but I don't feel beautiful when I am sweating. This is the only organic deodorant I've tried that actually works. It makes you smell like the spa. I feel good about using it because it's natural and it gives a nice cooling sensation under the arms. [Editor's note: I agree—this deo is really great!] M.A.C eyeshadow in Birds and Berries. I have to mention this particular M.A.C shadow because I just can't get enough of it. It's from their new spring collection [the Give me Liberty of London collection] and it's such a stunning shade of turquoise blue. It makes putting my makeup on in the morning more fun.

Beauty Splurge

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Beauty Bargain I think mascara is a great item to save on. I know most beauty editors love their $40 mascaras, but I've found that you can get ones for under $10 that are just as good. Mascara only lasts for a couple of months anyway so why would you invest in it?

First FragranceAmarige de Givenchy. It's definitely a mature fragrance for a 15 year old, which I was at the time, but I got it in France direct from the perfume factory where it was made. I got so many compliments on it. It's funny because I haven't bought it since because I think it's a bit too old, but it will always be special to me because of that.

Current Fragrance


Bond No. 9 Nuits de Noho

Weird Beauty Habit I still sometimes wear my retainer to bed. I know. Really sexy.

Biggest Beauty Fail I started wearing makeup when I was 11. Full eyeshadow, red lipstick… the works. Looking back, I'm embarrassed. It was also a time when I went to bed with curlers every night because my Mom refused to let me have a perm. Just imagine how I looked.

Beauty Pet Peeve Eyeliner that smudges throughout the day. Especially if I've just had a meeting, then go to the bathroom to find that my eyeliner has transferred to my eyelid or is smudging under my eyes. It looks sloppy. Lately I've been lining the waterline instead and this helps quite a bit. [Ed's note: Also try waterproof liners!]

Best Beauty Tip

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these eye patches at H20+

Beauty Career Advice Take people out for coffee in the field you want to be in and ask them for advice on how to get started. Be humble when you approach them; understand they are extremely busy and will be doing you a favour to meet with you. I treated women I wanted advice from to manicures, lunch or coffee. Getting advice over manicures was great because it was unexpected, informal and hey—we all need to get our nails done!

Don't forget to check out ChickAdvisor—I know Ali would LOVE it if you became a member! You can also follow her on Twitter and keep up with ChickAdvisor's blog, ChickLit.

Stay tuned for next week's Babe—or should I say, BABES—in the Biz: Coco & Lowe!