MTV Movie Awards 2010: Cameron Diaz

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

Sometimes I see a photo of Cameron Diaz and I think, what a shame—all that time surfing in the sun has sure taken a toll. (Sorry if that sounds mean, but you know how much beauty editors preach about sun protection.)

But then I get a glimpse of pics like this one, at the MTV Movie Awards last night, and I fall in love with Cammy all over again.

Okay, it's mostly due to her great big smile. (Yes, it's a bit Joker-esque, but there's no arguing that the girl CAN light up a room when she flashes her pearly whites.)

But I'm also going to give her major credit for getting her hair and makeup just right (not just here but time and time again). She always looks perfectly appropriate: un-fussy but still polished hair, and never too much makeup but just enough to look pretty and fresh. And always, always with a twist, like this highly covetable fuchsia lip gloss.

Also great: the liner (all the way around) making her blue eyes pop, lots of blush, fresh skin and the soft, piecey hair. Well done, Cameron!