MTV Movie Awards 2010: Katy Perry

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

Only Katy Perry could look semi-okay in a blue wig with Bettie Page bangs.

I should hate this MTV Movie Awards look, but I don't. (And really, I should resent her for pulling this off—one of my freebie beauty editor haircuts gone wrong a few years ago was a bang trim that ended up looking like this, and it took me more than two years to grow it out. Many tears were shed.)

Anyway, this is clearly Katy's pop performer schtick, and it works for her. I just wish we could see a lighter hand (less foundation, no false lashes, smudgy instead of obvious eyeliner) with the makeup.

But then again, you probably WANT to look as plastic as possible when you're wearing a blue wig. So maybe this could be instructive for, say, Halloween this year?