MTV Movie Awards ’10: Kristen Stewart

2010 MTV Movie Awards: Kristen Stewart

I’ll come right out and say it—I don’t really “get” the appeal of Kristen Stewart.

But then again, I haven’t seen anything Twilight-related yet (I know, I’ve been hiding under a rock).

What I HAVE seen of Kristen is a whole lot of Grumpy Face on the red carpet.

However. I will give the girl props for a cool look at the MTV Movie Awards last night. She’s what—20 years old? This is totally age appropriate and pretty. (Miley, are you watching?)

What I like the most about it are the coppery tones of her eyeshadow, which bring out her green eyes and make her skin look all peaches and cream. (Her brows are fantastic, too, don’t you think?)

We can’t see much of the hair in this shot except that it’s a high, messy ponytail with a bit of a textured quiff at the top, like she scraped it all back herself. Who knows, maybe she did!


Monday, June 7/2010 at 3:05 pm

Kristen Stewart does look grumpy when she’s in public. Maybe she hates being in the Twilight movies as much as I hate watching them. :)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, June 7/2010 at 3:51 pm

You hated them? Okay, that makes me feel marginally better for being completely ignorant of this cultural phenomenon! I likely will cave soon and watch – K-Stew is on the cover of ELLE so I probably should pay attention!


Monday, June 7/2010 at 4:05 pm

I love the Twilight movies and I’m not ashamed to admit it. (Okay, that’s a lie. I’m totally ashamed to admit it, but whatever.) KStew and her brand of studied sullenness is getting really old. I agree that her makeup looks great, but I feel like she’s in a permanent state of adolescent rage and purposely puts no effort into her hair just to piss her mother off. Someone pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to kiss RPattz on screen and I’ll DUTIFULLY wear cute clothes, pose for the paps and get my hair did, like every. day.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, June 7/2010 at 5:17 pm

Actually, I don’t mind this hair – or what I can see of it. I like the contrast of casual hair, fancy dress… Although if *I* were in the vicinity of R-Pattz, I’d definitely want to step it up a bit!


Monday, June 7/2010 at 7:11 pm

LOVE the makeup – the rest is just odd (hair and dress)


Donna Vitan
Monday, June 7/2010 at 11:51 pm

I actually like this look on her, and I think I actually saw some photos of her smiling. She’s commonly snapped with frowns and grumpiness. I’m not particularly fond of her because of this. From what I have seen from the media, she’s comes of as ungrateful and super mega emo.

Other than that, I enjoy the Twilight movies as part of my guilty pleasures collection of shame. I am completely aware of how these movies butchered the vampire mystique and its unhealthy representation of relationships.

I could go on but I just wanted to say that this looks makes her look approachable and friendly and age appropriate!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Tuesday, June 8/2010 at 5:13 pm

“Guilty pleasures collection of shame” – love it Donna!
Glad you’re with me on liking this look… I really want to copy the eye makeup.


Monday, May 12/2014 at 12:04 pm

Honestly, I love Kristen Stewart. I’ll try to explain my appeal to her and why I love her.
I love her because she is REAL. It is unfortunate that people focus so much on the pictures where she isn’t smiling, when really there are a ton of pictures where she is smiling. Also, just because she isn’t smiling, doesn’t mean she is grumpy. (When I am perfect content, I don’t smile). It is hard to keep a permanent smile on your face. I smile when something is funny or I see someone I know.
Here is how I separate the whole “moody” perception of her.
When she is out (ex. running errands, walking to her car, etc), I don’t expect her to be cheery about crazy paparazzi stalking her wherever she goes. That is so invasive. In fact, I would expect her to be pissed off, (I sure would be). Also, there is also a HUGE separation here between the way she treats fans on the street compared to paparazzi. To the paps, she is not very accomodating (which I think is totally acceptable), but she is much more friendly when it comes to actual fans.
Now when it is the red carpet… yes, I admit that early on in her career, she was not very smiley. (She has explained this in interviews, that it was overwhelming being forced to smile when 100 people are constantly shouting at you to look their way). However, as time passed, you notice that she smiles a whole lot more now (and naturally) on the red carpet. I think she has finally been able to find comfort in those situations.
I have a personal rule about the paps. I hate the “out and about” pictures of ANY celeb, when they are getting gas or getting groceries. I think they are extremely invasive and sometimes scary. I do NOT expect perfection or fakeness or pleasentness from celebs in those situations. I DO however, LOVE red carpet/event paps. I think that is an appropriate situation for the paps to be in. I think they should be the only ones allowed.
Also, Kristen Stewart rocks the red carpet 90% of the time! She is edgy and fun and beautiful and unexpected.
I just don’t find Kristen grumpy at all, in interviews she is extremely pleasant and grateful for everything in her life. I think her early-on “not smiling” gave her a bad reputation that is really not relevant anymore.
I love her attitude, because she is real and does not put on an act for everyone. I find that to be extremely refreshing. She is not in this career for the fame, she has a true passion for the craft. Also, I have a secret love for awkwardness, I think its adorable!

As for her acting skills. I think she is a phenomenal actress. I love twilight, but I will admit that the acting in it wasn’t stellar. However, think about the characters that they were playing. The characters they had to act out weren’t anything special. So I don’t think these movies best showcase the skills of the actors. However, I think they all represented how I pictured the characters would act (from the books). But, I would never judge any of their acting based on Twilight. There are some scenes that showed skills, but you had to be paying attention.
So if you are going to judge her acting skills, watch Panic Room, she plays the daughter with actress Jodie Foster. She was excellent in that, especially the seizure scene. She was also great in The Runaways and in the TV movie Speak.

Yes, she is a bit of a rebel, and not the typical celebrity, but is that so bad?


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