Bloggers Catriona Smart and Eva Rosalia Share Their Beauty Secrets

Coco & Lowe's top picks.
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Coco & Lowe's top picks.

Although all the beauty editors I know scrub up very nicely, I sometimes wonder if the industry types we meet aren't disappointed that we don't all walk around with coiffed hair, manicured nails and flawless makeup 24/7. (It's more like: wet hair and bare skin, most of the time... although yes, we do like our mani-pedis.)

That's why I often think that this week's Babes in the Biz (yes, it's a double-header!) sort of put us to shame when it comes to living the lifestyle AND looking the part. Coco&Lowe is the name of their site ( and it represents the nicknames of the Toronto-based "social media socialistas" who run it. In the photo above, Coco (Catriona Smart) is on the right and Lowe (Eva Rosalia) is on the left. They blog daily, host events around town, travel A LOT and in general lead a much more glamorous life than most people I know!

And yes, they really are that gorgeous (and nice!) in person. I picked their brains about all things beauty, so read on for their insider tips and beauty secrets...

Beauty Insider Credentials


Coco: I have a lifestyle website and get sent cool products all of the time to review. Our readers like to know how we honestly feel about products and trends, so I really make an effort to deliver practical beauty advice that I also follow.

Lowe: Having been a dancer for many years, you learn to not only express yourself through movement but through your features. Your hair and makeup helps you create your persona. Now, being a blogger, an event host, a go-to person for hair and makeup tips and a consumer, I consider myself a beauty insider based on my instinctual abilities when it comes to beauty advice.

Beauty Icons


Coco: Carolina Herrera and Audrey Hepburn.

Lowe: I love Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and Victoria's Secret model Ana Beatriz Barros. [They have] big hair, defined features and an innate sex appeal.

Top Five Beauty Products

Coco: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It's easy to apply and makes my skin look flawless. Beauty Blender Sponge. This little egg-shaped wonder makes [applying foundation] much easier. Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation (used as under-eye concealer). I've tried every concealer under the sun and so far Cover FX has been the only product that can stand up against the super dark bags under my eyes. Physicians Formula Bronzer. It makes me glow! Lip balm. Having dry lips drives me insane so I have lip balm in every bag and even in my glove box!

Lowe: Bronzer: Physicians Formula Sunset Strip. Mascara—lots of it! I prefer M.A.C. Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoom Black. Tinted moisturizer is great for days when you don’t want to "put on your face," as my mother would say. Ones with SPF are perfect for beach days! I’m currently using M.A.C. Studio Moisture Tint with SPF 15. Tweezers: you never know when an unwanted hair will pop up! Nail polish—I love polish. It’s a great way to express yourself. My favorite colours are: OPI Give Me Moor and Funny Bunny, and Essie Critic’s Choice and Marshmallow. I’m not big on reds with my skin tone unless I happen to be really tanned.

Beauty Splurge



Lowe: Moisturizers—eye creams and facial creams are so important. Mineral makeup—it's more expensive but way better for your skin. A straightening iron—you can do almost anything with a good straightening iron! Pedicures—your feet go through a lot so keep them pretty and pedicured!

Beauty Bargain

Catriona: Mascara.

Eva: Eye shadows—what’s the difference anyway? Pencils—I usually buy Annabelle liners and they’re great! Eye makeup remover—Maybelline does the job. Manicures—do one per month and get polish changes in between. It’s way cheaper!

First Fragrance

Coco: Exclamation! Make a statement without saying a word.... OMG!  I even remembered the tag line...WoW.

Lowe: JLo Miami Glow—it was fruity, fresh and flirty.

Current Fragrance


Catriona: I wear a either Tom Ford Noir de Noir, Givenchy Very Irrésistible or my boyfriend's cologne. Whatever fragrance I choose, I always layer it with Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works. Vanilla makes everything smell better and because I usually gravitate to more masculine smells, vanilla lightens things up.

Eva: Coco and I coincidentally wear the exact same mélange of scents. Givenchy Very Irrésistible, with an additional spritz of Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar eau de toilette. I love that every time I get into a cab, the cabbie asks what perfume I’m wearing. I also love Chloé for the daytime. It smells like clean laundry.

Weird Beauty Habit

Coco: I really have no clue what I'm doing when I do my makeup, but I'm pretty good at copying other people. I set up my laptop over my sink and watch whatever look I'm trying to achieve on YouTube and literally start and stop it as I go.

Lowe: I put baby oil gel on in the shower. It’s the last thing I do before getting out.  It helps lock in moisture. Warning: your bathtub WILL be slippery, so be careful!

Biggest Beauty Fail

Coco: Blonde hair.... I was in university, bored, in a horrible relationship and desperate for change. J Lo was all the rage and since she was kind of brown like me I thought rocking "goldie locks" would not only work on me too, but would be the key to instant happiness.... Major fail!  It took what seemed like a million dye jobs to turn my black hair blonde and once I finally achieved the desired colour, my hair was ravaged and I was still miserable.



Beauty Pet Peeves

Coco: Dark lip liner with light lipstick, over-plucked eyebrows and abuse or over-use of any product. Everything in moderation.

Lowe: Acrylic nails—the long, thick, wide ones.

Best Beauty Secret


Coco: I find I look my best when I'm well-rested and properly hydrated. Water + sleep = gorge!

Lowe: Contouring and highlighting! It’s like getting a facelift or a nose job sans surgery! You can create a more defined face shape, shade away thick jaw lines or large foreheads and can even appear bustier with a little highlighting. I did a tutorial on it here.

Best Career Advice

Coco: Make it happen. Don't wait for someone to hand you your golden opportunity—take it!

Lowe: Have a plan for the future of your business, know your market, do your homework!

Follow Coco&Lowe's adventures on their site or on Twitter: Coco's at and Lowe's at And stay tuned for next week's Babe, fashion stylist Afiya Francisco!