Dear Katherine Heigl: What is Up With Your Hair Lately?

No comprendo.
Michelle Villett
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No comprendo.

There was a great article on the Vulture blog the other day analyzing Katherine Heigl's career prospects. (Aside: did you know that there are only FIVE actresses today who can get a project green-lit just by signing on? Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and... Katherine Heigl. Huh?)

Anyway, the author posited that Miss Heigl might not be the nicest or easiest-to-work-with person, which is something I've been reading about on Lainey Gossip for years now.

And I believe it—because CLEARLY, the girl is floundering here without proper beauty advice. After the jump, I'm going to give her some... and give you a closer look at these hair disasters.

Busted Image

First of all, who let her dye her hair this colour? I'm not against a bit of colour experimentation, but with actresses—whose careers depend on a bankable "look"—it's risky, and usually only happens for a role. She looks AMAZING as blonde, so I'd file this brunette hue under Career-Limiting Moves. It certainly doesn't say "perky, bubbly rom-com star" to me.

Also: if you're going to do it, Katie? At least go for a colour that's flattering. (If she had to go darker, why not that strawberry blonde she had for like five seconds a couple of years ago? It was great.)

This is waaaay too dark—in the pic above, it looks almost black. And don't get me started on the strange poofy poodle curls. Wavy hair may be in style, but not THIS way. Time to make friends with your flat iron!


Annnnd just when I didn't think it could get any worse, I see this photo (from the Killers premiere in Europe). While I think the colour's a bit better here (it looks like it's lightened up a bit), the style is a freakin' helmet!

Come on, Katherine—not even politicians and TV anchorwomen have hair like this anymore. They really hairsprayed the bejeezus out of it, didn't they? I have an uncontrollable urge to get at with my fingers and some beach texturizing spray.

What do you think of Katherine's new look? Am I being too hard on her or do you agree that she should get some beauty help, stat?