Tarina Tarantino on Summer Makeup Trends, YSL Lipstick Love and Lowe's Lustworthy Wedges

The Style Collective weekly round-up.
Michelle Villett
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The Style Collective weekly round-up.

Los Angeles-based jewellery designer Tarina Tarantino's new makeup line recently launched exclusively at Sephora. Sandy got the inside scoop from the fuchsia-tressed maven (she used to be a makeup artist) on this summer's major makeup trends. Hint: no more neutrals! [ChickAdvisor]

As I mentioned on Twitter this week, I like my lipsticks to either go Pow! (i.e. bold and bright) or be barely-there (pinks and nudes). Janine's latest find in her ongoing lipstick diary is this lovely YSL shade, which can go bold OR soft. (Didn't I say they make the best stuff?) [BeautyGeeks]

What Women Want recently hosted a Sex and the City 2 party—here are pics of the stylish attendees. I want those cupcakes! [What Women Want]

I know Lowe has EXCELLENT taste in shoes, since I coveted the pair (beige suede lace-up wedges) that she was wearing all the way through an OPI dinner a few months ago. I don't think I could pull off her latest pair, but damn! These look HAWT. [Coco&Lowe]

Milk glass and cake stands are two of my favourite non-beauty objects, so I loved this recent post by Kim. So pretty! [At Home with Kim Vallée]

Afiya goes all Out of Africa on us with this round-up of outdoorsy, safari-inspired finds. [The Style House]

I don't watch True Blood—or any vampire show, for that matter—but if you do, you'll want to drink this. [Gifted]