Fashion Expert Afiya Francisco Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Top picks from The Style House.
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Top picks from The Style House.

You may recognize the gorgeous Afiya Francisco from TV shows like ET Canada, Steven & Chris and CityLine. The former LouLou magazine fashion editor is a frequent style commentator, writer and now blogger (at She's also a new mom—and you better believe she's a stylish one!

Since hair, makeup and all things beauty can be considered the finishing touch to a well-chosen outfit, I asked Afiya if she could share with us her favourite beauty products and tips today. I love her product picks and think you will too! So read on...

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Beauty Insider Credentials

ET Canada

Steven & Chris


Beauty Icon My beauty icons are different than my fashion icons and are usually people who radiate good health; Queen Latifah is the first to come to mind. Mind you, at the opposite end of the spectrum, I love a good kohl-rimmed, day-after-partying look that I think Carine Roitfeld does well.

Top Five Beauty Products

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Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner

Moroccanoil oil treatment

Kiehl's Crème de Corps

Revlon Grow Luscious mascara


Beauty Splurge I think that good hair conditioner is worth the investment.

Beauty Bargain Save your money on less expensive mascara.

First Fragrance White Musk from The Body Shop. Mmm I can still remember the scent.

Current Fragrance


Bond No. 9 Fire Island

[Editor's note: I wear this too! It's one of my favourite summer scents.]

Biggest Beauty Fail Grade 5: bangs and curly hair, enough said. There was also a stage that my husband refers to as my “Square Hair” days. Just as the name suggests, I somehow managed to turn my hair into a block.

Beauty Pet Peeve Sperm-shaped eyebrows. Not so much a pet peeve; I just have to ask why.

Best Beauty Tip Moisturize. My mom imparted the importance of this to me and she has the best skin, so I’ll take her word for it.

Career Advice Be prepared to work for free (or very little) when you’re starting out. Internships and volunteering are the best ways to strengthen your resume, meet people and ultimately break into the industry.

Don't forget to check out Afiya's blog, You can also follow her on not one but TWO Twitter addresses: @TheStyleHouse and @StyleAgent_A.

Stay tuned for next week's Babe, makeup artist Diana Carreiro!