Hollister Hotties' Favourite Sunblocks, Dior's Logoed Lenses and Tilda Swinton's New Fragrance

This week's best beauty reading.
Michelle Villett
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This week's best beauty reading.

Okay, MAYBE this is just an excuse to post a pic of the Hollister hotties—but there IS a beauty angle, I promise! Find out what sunblock they use to protect their buff bods, along with Allure beauty editor Angelique Serrano's top picks. [Fashionista]

Black is the new black—at least when it comes to mascara. Here's the scoop on what scientists are doing to create the blackest black pigment possible. [StyleList]

I love this vid from beauty director Alessandra Steinherr on how to use various Benefiteye pencils for concealing blemishes, waking up tired eyes and getting a dramatic smoky look. [Glamour UK]

We've heard of logo obsessions, but this is just beyond ridiculous. Christian Dior is launching branded contact lenses. [TheGloss]

Tilda Swinton is probably the last celeb you'd think would launch a fragrance—but her collab with Etat Libre d’Orange (a brand as unconventional as she is) sounds like it has legs. [Beauty Counter]