There's a New Moroccanoil Product on the Block

This Curl Control Cream promises to tame your curls.
Michelle Villett
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This Curl Control Cream promises to tame your curls.

Wondering what the biggest cult beauty product is right now? It's Moroccanoil, hands down. People are OB-SESSED.

I wrote about its miraculous powers, as well as meeting Carmen Tal (the Montreal-based owner), last year, and it's STILL my most-read post of all time—can you believe it?

Anyway, if you've got curly hair, I think you'll be super excited about their newest launch...

Moroccanoil Curl Control Cream ($25, is a comb-in leave-in product that—you guessed it— is based on that famous argan oil.

Like the original product, the argan oil penetrates deep into the cortex to moisturize the hair from within and control frizziness. You also have the added benefit of detangling properties so your curls feel silkier and smoother.

The neatest curly-hair things it does? It has a special styling formula that's designed to put the "spring factor" into curls, PLUS it has a curl memory technology that helps them last longer.

The results: shiny, soft, controlled curls with body and texture (and no build-up!).

I don't have curly hair and this really makes me wish I did. If you try it, leave your review in the comments, pretty please!