Geisha Girl Beauty, Shellac Versus Axxium and 2 Easy Hair How-Tos

The Style Collective weekly round-up.
Michelle Villett
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The Style Collective weekly round-up.

Lowe just returned from a trip to Japan—and she brought back a Geisha girl beauty secret. This treatment is said to clear up the skin. I'm intrigued! [Coco & Lowe]

I know there's been a lot of talk lately about the long-lasting manicure craze—can you stand one more post? This one you'll like: it'll help you decide if you're better suited to CND's Shellac, OPI's Axxium or simply a dry (no-soak) manicure. [BeautyGeeks]

If you struggle with flat-iron curls (I know I do), here's an easy tutorial from Eric Del Monaco of Toronto's Del Monaco Hair Studio. Such a pretty result! [ChickAdvisor]

Okay, the second hair how-to isn't quite as easy—it's about the very on-trend fishtail braid. I'll need to practice with these diagrams! [What Women Want]

I'm slightly obsessed with Martha Stewart recipes (they never fail me), so I'll be trying out this one for ice cream cake. I dare say, it looks very easy... [At Home with Kim Vallée]

This red and white bikini is totally adorable. Accessorize with picnic basket. [Gifted]

What to wear when you're going to the farmer's market. I'm admiring the Gap floppy hat. [The Style House]