Tropical Body Oil and High-Performance Organic Makeup

The best of Beauty Editor this week.
Michelle Villett
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The best of Beauty Editor this week.

I'm not the only one loving this addictive Monoï body oil from Fruits & Passion—when I tweeted about it the other day, FASHION's beauty editor agreed that it's "a keeper."

One of my favourite discoveries lately is Vapour Organic Beauty. The entire makeup line is great (their foundation is a new staple) and I still can't believe it's all natural.

Ellen Mirza, this week's Babe in the Biz, is the brains behind popular beauty blog Lipstick Powder N Paint. Out of the hundreds of products she's tested over the years, here are the ones that she really loves.

Just like you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you can't write off drugstore products just because of the low price tags. I went to P&G's Cincinnati HQ the other week and saw first-hand the brainpower and rigorous testing behind Pantene's newest launch. This is good stuff!

I'm hopelessly devoted to YSL makeup because they always, always surprise and delight. Their summer collection is no exception—I'm totally into these corals and oranges.