Stylin' Summer Hats, Freshly-Made Organics and Lavender Beauty Benefits

The Style Collective weekly round-up.
Michelle Villett
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The Style Collective weekly round-up.

I know I'm AT LEAST a couple of years late to this trend, but I really, really want a straw fedora. Not only because they're darn cute, but also because of the beauty angle: they cover up bad hair and shield you from the (wrinkle- and freckle-inducing) sun. Here are six options at various price points. [ChickAdvisor]

What a great idea—Odacité is an organic skincare company that makes each product to order and ships from its lab to your door within a month of creation. So you get the benefits of fresh, active ingredients and no preservatives or harmful chemicals. [Gifted]

Stressed, irritable or losing sleep? Janine has the 411 on how lavender can help. [BeautyGeeks]

I'm utterly fascinated by the all-girls vacay that Coco, Lowe and friends had in Vegas and L.A. I don't know about you, but I never manage to look this put-together while travelling! And Lowe, I need a pair of those glasses! [Coco&Lowe]

Kim has the scoop on BIRONnerie, an event at Montreal restaurant Biron where amateur cooks get to create a five-course meal (with the support of kitchen staff, of course). Yum! [At Home with Kim Vallée]

I can't believe I'm even thinking about fall, but how great would this pearl-embellished hairband look with a smooth blowout and pretty dress? [What Women Want]