The Matte Moon Mani, Best Coral Lippies and Beauty Buys Abroad

This week's best beauty reading.
Michelle Villett
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This week's best beauty reading.

Nails really ARE stealing the spotlight these days, aren't they? Here's a how-to for the "moon manicure"—a collaboration between CND and the designers at Ruffian. [I'm the It Girl]

Everyone, including moi, is going gaga for coral this summer. Here's a great round-up of picks from my fave lippie addict. [Lipstick Rules]

I'll bet you use an angled eyeliner brush, right? Well, what about a bent liner brush? This could be the answer if you have trouble drawing a straight line or holding your brush steady. [Glitter Geek]

Wow—if you need to wake up your makeup with some bright colours (think turquoise, purple and yellow) then you'll want to check out M.A.C's new collaboration with Alice + Olivia. [Faces by Farah]

My friend L. and I always talk about our weird habit of visiting foreign drugstores when we travel, just to check out the beauty products we don't have here. Well, maybe we're not so strange after all—here's a peek at Monica's finds from Portugal and Hong Kong. [Beauty Parler]