Would You Want to Smell Like Jennifer Aniston?

Now you can.
Michelle Villett
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Now you can.

Apparently that means citrus, rose water, wild violets, amber and jasmine. Which is what beauty products smell like, apparently, because in order to help direct the perfumers who created her new scent, Jennifer Aniston brought in her fave hair serum and a lotion (as well as a candle) for inspiration.

So in THAT case—even though I'm not really Team Aniston, I'll bite. For years I've said that beauty companies should bottle the scents they put in their products... so maybe it's finally happening! (Not just the reverse situation, which I wrote about earlier today.)

Anyway! Let's take a closer look at the bottle, which Jen showed off at the London Harrods launch. It's now just called Jennifer Aniston, not Lola Vie, as reported earlier. Which I think is a smart move, branding-wise, because why else are they doing this at all if not to capitalize on her star power? (And probably Marc Jacobs, who makes the similarly-named but far prettier-looking Lola, is pleased.)


And now for a full-body shot. It must be said that I am supremely jealous of this (41-year-old!) woman's figure. Damn.


So... will you be checking out Jen's scent or is do you think it'll be a snoozerama just like her movies?