The Best Concealers, a New Beauty Event and MacGyver Oil-Blotting Tricks

The Style Collective weekly round-up.
Michelle Villett
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The Style Collective weekly round-up.

Like my deodorant wardrobe, I also have a concealer wardrobe. And it definitely includes several of these top-rated concealers, as voted by ChickAdvisor members. [ChickAdvisor]

Move over, fancy blotting papers! Janine has a few... shall we say unconventional?... oil-blotting tricks that actually WORK. MacGyver would be proud. [BeautyGeeks]

If you'll be in the LA area at the end of the month, don't miss this free beauty event. Shannae is making an appearance and it includes brunch, mimosas and gift bags! [What Women Want]

My fascination with the Coco&Lowe lifestyle continues (I just don't know how they manage to look so stylish on road trips!). Here's the scoop on their trip to the Niagara region (a.k.a. "the best day everrrrr!"). Love that hair, Lowe! [Coco&Lowe]

Smoothies make you beautiful on the inside. It's a fact! I love my Vitamix, but here's another blender option recommended by Janine. [Gifted]

Afiya has the perfect caftan and sandals for a breezy summer lunch. [The Style House]