MAC's Rodarte Collection, Dior Fall Makeup and Bare-Faced Beauty

This week's best beauty reading.
Michelle Villett
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This week's best beauty reading.

M.A.C's Rodarte collection is out in September—catch up on the controversy over the product names (now resolved, thankfully) and check out the ghostly glam shades. [Pop Champagne]

Get a sneak peek at Dior's fall makeup collection—it's a cool palette with lots of charcoals, plums and mauves. [Beauty Crazed]

Although some are better than others, I generally don't like to wear mainstream fragrances (Guaiac by Red Flower is my secret scent of choice). Now Lucky Penny is letting us in on HER secret scent. Rose and rhubarb? I'm in! [Lucky Penny]

Even though I'm always recommending makeup here, I LOVE that Lisa advocates for going bare-faced. (Well, give or take a couple of products.) It's easy to fall prey to the idea that you need a full face of foundation, powder, etc., but most of us don't—at least not on a daily basis—and your skin will probably thank you. [Urban Native Girl]

Low-key makeup not your bag? Here's a fun demo of bold, bright eyeshadow. Somehow it works! [M.A.C.nunu]