Do or Don't: Emma Roberts' Makeup at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Is she channelling the Cullens?
Michelle Villett
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Is she channelling the Cullens?

Sometimes, in beauty, you SEEM to be doing everything right, as far as trends go.

Sleek, slicked-back hair with a slight quiff? Check.

Perfect, flawless, porcelain skin? Check.

Shimmery, bronzey shadow with pale lips? Check.

And yet, in the case of Miss Emma Roberts, at the Teen Choice Awards, it most definitely is NOT working. Unless she's going for a role in the next Twilight movie, of course.

Time to take some beauty cues from Aunt Julia (you do know Julia Roberts is Emma's aunt, right?)...

Lesson One: Warmer Hair Colours are Generally More Flattering

I've written before about how to find your perfect hair colour, and the advice is worth repeating here: in general, most people look better with warmer, not cooler, hair colours.

And Julia is the QUEEN of the warms. Sometimes it's golden, sometimes it's auburn—like here at the Eat, Pray, Love premiere:


Emma did, for a time, have a golden colour:


Now it's still not my favourite colour (yes, I'm fussy about hair colour, and this is a bit greenish-looking)... but STILL—it's MUCH more flattering, right?

There's also another lesson in here about hair:

Lesson Two: Slicked-Back Styles are Harder to Pull Off

Maybe it's just the colour combo of too-dark hair with too-pale skin, but this hairstyle looks a bit too severe for Emma, in my view.

I think looser, softer hair that falls a bit in the face is always a safer bet... unless you're a supermodel.

Do you agree?

Lesson Three: Become a Fan of Bronzer and/or Blush

There's a reason red carpet veterans like Julia (or Jennifer Aniston) stick to essentially the same makeup time after time. It works. They never get it wrong, do they?

Case in point:


She looks great, no?

I know when you're under 25 like Emma, it's tempting to try all kinds of different makeup looks. And I encourage that! But blush and bronzer are the magic ingredients that go with everything.

I don't care what the makeup artist's or designer's particular vision is—you want to look HEALTHY... not ghostly.

So tell me...

What do you think of Emma's Teen Choice Awards look?
Would you give her a Julia Roberts-style makeover?
Or do you like a bit of beauty risk-taking on the red carpet?