Victoria's Secret is Now in Canada

And so are some fab beauty prodz...
Michelle Villett
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And so are some fab beauty prodz...

Huzzah! Finally, we don't have to cross the border to visit Victoria's Secret—yesterday, their first Toronto store opened at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and earlier this month, the first Canadian store launched in Edmonton. (Another location at the Toronto Eaton Centre is planned by year's end.)

And did you know that sell BEAUTY stuff as well as bras?

YES. It's true—I was lucky enough to visit the store for some pre-opening shopping earlier this week, and they have a wicked array of glam, boudoir-inspired fragrances, bath and body products (and soon, makeup!).

Here's the fragrance bar:


You can't tell from the photo, but there are at least 10 different scents, all very sexy and some adorned with old-fashioned sprays like this (VERY Agent Provocateur, but more affordable):


But wait! There's more:


LOTS of bath and body options—kind of like a more upscale Bath & Body Works.

You can even buy trial-size versions at the checkout:


Of course, I can't GUARANTEE that using any of this stuff will make you look like Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima (who was at the store on Thursday night):


Or Erin Heatherton:


Chanel Iman was there, too, but I didn't get a pic.

BUT—if I may digress for just a moment—I think, beauty-wise, we have much to learn from the Angels.

In a nutshell, they're all about the contrast of a sexy outfit and sexy hair with low-key makeup. You won't see a red lip on these girls, although a subtle smoky eye (like Adriana is doing) is okay. And THAT, my friends, is the key to pulling off a bondage dress or low-cut top or whatever borderline slutty outfit you want to bust out. (Bust! See what I did there?)

So now, over to you...

Have you ever shopped at Victoria's Secret?
Did you check out their beauty prodz?
And what do you think of the Angels... do you like their hair and makeup?
(Hey—at least those parts are achievable for us mere mortals. Although I suppose we can also mimic their chest size with some of these VS bras... the Miraculous has some SERIOUS padding.)