TIFF 2010: The Beauty Editor Edition

Don't we look purty?
Michelle Villett
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Don't we look purty?

Ever since I started blogging, I've become an annoying paparazzi-type person. My camera (which also takes video) is almost always in tow.

Usually this is okay with PR people—since they want to promote their clients, natch—but some of my beauty editor friends aren't so down with me using them as blog post fodder.

(Possibly because we might not always practice what we preach. What? It's a lot of pressure to have non-chipped nail polish and perfect makeup all the time.)

However, at a very swanky beauty event the other week hosted by P&G Beauty, I finally got approval to share some beauty-licious beauty editor shots. These girls looked so good that I just had to share—and because most of us had our hair and makeup done that day, it just seemed wrong NOT to document it.

What also helped seal the deal were my tips—well, Richard Sibbald's tips—on how to look great in photos. Read here if you need a refresher. The eye-squinting trick is THE BEST.

First up is the lovely Katherine from Canadian Living (you may remember her now-on-hiatus beauty blog, I Heart Beauty), looking very femme fatale:


I swear her lashes were so long I thought she was using Latisse, but turns out they're just a really good pair of falsies.

Like a true beauty ed, she gave me the makeup credits: "From what I remember she [the Murale makeup artist] used a Bobbi Brown holiday palette on the eyes and for lips she used YSL Pencil in #10 True Red [and] NARS lipstick in Jungle Red. She powdered me with Chanel and I believe used a Smashbox blush. And of course, the lashes were fake ones from Quo, not Latisse...yet." Oh, and the Sally Hershberger guys, Mike and James, did Katherine's hair. SO GLAM.

You probably recognize Miss Janine from BeautyGeeks:


Just radiant! Mike Viggue did the hair and Murale did the glowy, subtle makeup. Over-the-shoulder pose: model's own.

Here's Adriana from FASHION:


If I'm not mistaken, Adriana did her own hair and makeup for this event, keeping it low-key because, well, THAT NECKLACE! Want.

This is Wing from FLARE, rocking the bright lip:


Now THIS is how to wear fuchsia, peoples. I think it's a CoverGirl lip stain. Nope, I've been corrected: it's M.A.C lipstick in Lickable. HAWT! Notice how the rest of the face is pretty bare, which keeps the lippie looking fresh. And her hair (by P&G) is rivalling Janine's in shine.

ELLE Canada's beauty ed, Sarah, always looks très chic:


Can you believe that's her natural hair colour? The Sally guys gave her a deep side part and amped up the texture, while Murale did nude lips with a deep eye. Gorgeous girl.

And last but not least, there was moi:


Like everyone else, my hair was by Mike and James (read here if you want a quick run-down on how to get it) and makeup by Murale... sort of. The lipstick is my own (Cargo PlantLove in Maria) and Joe Fresh did my nails (the shade is called Storm).

BONUS: Two more beauty eds let me snap their pics at a different event last week (also by P&G—gosh they spoil us!)...

This is Julia, also from Canadian Living:


This girl's hair always, always looks amazing. She's probably the only person I know with blonde hair that is also shiny. (I thought that was an oxymoron!) UPDATE: Julia says: "It looks so shiny and smooth because I had an amazing treatment done the day this picture was taken. It's called keratin complex express blow out. It makes your hair super smooth, shiny and somewhat straight for 6 weeks. It's awesome, I would highly recommend."

Her makeup here is courtesy of CoverGirl—they've just reformulated their lipsticks so that shade you're looking at? It's coming soon... very soon. Also note the lashes—Latisse, baby!

And finally, we have Miss Marilisa of The Chic Storm:


Nobody wears the top knot better. Nobody. It also helps that she has probably the most perfect skin of anyone I know, and absolutely fantastic brows. See, that's why she can get away with pretty much zero makeup—just that gorgeous pinkish red lip stain.

So there you have it... just a few of the peeps that dish out beauty advice for you every week (or day, in some cases).

They sure clean up nice, don't they?
Did you notice that 67 75 percent of us are wearing bright-ish lipsticks?
Maybe you want to copy us on that. We would most definitely approve.