Glam up Your Look with a Hairband

Blair Waldorf would approve.
Michelle Villett
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Blair Waldorf would approve.


In case you thought that all beauty trends worth following originated out of New York, London, Paris or Milan, think again. Toronto's LG Fashion Week kicked off yesterday—and already I've spotted a hairstyle I MUST wear immediately. I know, this is really for Spring/Summer 2011, but as you know, the great thing about beauty is that we can adopt the trends immediately. Huzzah! And I kind of think these glamorous jewelled headbands are more fall than spring anyway.

These debuted at Holt Renfrew's all-Canadian fashion show last night, on models wearing designs from Mikhael Kale.

Here's the close-up:


Do you love?

These aren't your typical hairbands—I guess they're more HEADbands in that they're worn across the forehead instead of on top of the head, Blair Waldorf-style. (Although I still think she'd approve of these, since the sparkly bits make them so glam.)

Also important: they're worn underneath the hair at the sides and back. Because wearing them on top of your hair, like Mischa Barton...

Mischa-Barton-Headband just way too hippie-ish. And dangerous in that your hair could pouf up into a mushroom shape at any time. Not so pretty.

No, I think the way these are placed is just right. Here's another style:


And the close-up:


For more LG Fashion Week photos—which you can use on your own site too!—check out this Flickr stream.

Now, I have no idea if these hairbands are actually BY the designer Mikhael Kale—in which case you'd have to wait until next spring to get your hands on them—or another designer at Holt Renfrew. But personally? I always like to trawl Forever 21 for hair accessories, because their selection is incredible and also very, very inexpensive. Like $10 inexpensive.

Here are a few options:




Obviously an elasticized-style hairband is going to be a bit more comfortable when you wear it across your forehead, but that's not to say you can't wear the traditional plastic style this way too. In fact, if you have very fine hair, the plastic ones might work a bit better, since they're not going to squish your hair down at the back, and they're less likely to ride around. Tip: spray your hair AND the plastic "teeth" of the hairband with some hairspray to help it stay put.

Also: Make sure to wear your hair loose and swingy—you don't want it to look too "done" or you risk looking like you're heading to the prom.

So tell me...

What do you think of the hair at Mikhael Kale?
Do you agree that these accessories are a cute, easy way to dress up your hair?
Or do they scream Mischa Barton Walking Fashion/Beauty Tragedy? She's really having trouble as of late, isn't she?