The Top Hair Trends at Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2011

How to make a ponytail 237 percent more interesting... and is straight hair back?
Michelle Villett
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How to make a ponytail 237 percent more interesting... and is straight hair back?


So you know how I declared that the side ponytail/braid was being replaced by the topknot? I take it back. Clearly, I was too quick to throw that style under the bus, because at Toronto's LG Fashion Week—specifically, yesterday's Jessica Jensen and Alexander Berardi show—all the models wore their hair in side ponies. And they looked fabulous.

So what I'm declaring now—because what fun is standing on my beauty soap box here without making broad generalizations?—is that the side ponytail has replaced the boring, stock-standard back-of-your-head ponytail. Sound good? It's just infinitely (237%, in fact) more interesting.

If you're not convinced, just check out how sleek and polished these ladies look:



This isn't complicated, but please notice the several things that make this work OH SO WELL...

1. The hair is very smooth and straight at the top.

2. There is a deep side part on the opposite side to where you tie up your hair. (Because the part AND the ponytail on the same side would necessarily involve some Donald Trump-style wraparound thing, which we Do Not Want.)

3. The hair is loosely pulled back OVER the ears.

4. The ponytail is fastened low and behind one ear. A clear elastic would be a wise choice, too.

It works just as well with bangs, by the way—just make sure they're slightly pushed to the side, of course:


And if you're wondering how to get that lovely soft wave in the ponytail itself, don't fret—it's apparently not that hard, according to Australian hair guru Kevin Murphy. In this vid (at the end) he talks about making a ponytail more interesting by just wrapping it around the outside of a curling iron and holding it for a few moments to set the wave. Which is a great idea, because a wimpy, flat ponytail would kind of ruin the greatness of this style.

Meanwhile, over at Line, the ponytails were not at the side but the back—but this was okay, because they were ALSO dressed up with some very Lauren Conrad-esque braiding:


Not sure how good your French braiding skillz are (mine suck) but what you want to try and do is take the front section of your hair and gradually add more and more pieces to the braid as it travels back and in the direction opposite to your part. Then just gather it up into your ponytail as normal.

Rough it up a bit so the texture isn't too perfect. And again, a clear elastic will just look more polished.


Or, if braiding is too hard, you could just kind of twist the hair and maybe fasten it with a few bobby pins. This is easier but equally cute:


Also be aware that the style works both with and without bangs:


Cute, right?

Now, last of all—I'm sensing change might be in the air when it comes to hair texture. At Pink Tartan, super-long, super-straight hair was the thing:



I'm not sure how I feel about this, even though my hair is both long and straight, which makes this style a no-brainer for me. It's just that I don't know if I'm ready to go back to flat-ironing the shiz outta my hair. You?

Wanna browse more LG Fashion Week photos? Check out our Flickr stream and feel free to use any images you want on your own site. Because we are nice that way.

Now, tell me what you think...

Are you a fan of the side ponytail?
What about the braided-on-top ponytail?
If stick-straight hair comes back, will you embrace it or run screaming?